Ronda in a day itinerary


Ronda is a fascinating city, with a blend of incredible cultural sites and sublime natural sights it is a must visit as a day trip when on holiday in the Costa Del Sol.

Set in the mountains, this city is lined with cobbled streets, although perhaps the most famous street is the Puente Nuevo bridging the El Tajo gorge, this is the stuff postcards are made off, literally.

While there are a number of guided tours sold by operators around this city, from what I saw they were rushed round anything of interest and were not able to see what Ronda had to offer properly, as such I have created the below itinerary which I believe is a fantastic.

The following link takes you to the exact walking route I would use, if you wish to use this if you click print go to the pdf version for a clear version of this map.

10:30 – Arrival at Ronda Bus Station 

10:45 – After a meander down the street past Carmelitas Descalzas, the first of many impressive religious buildings you will see, head into the park on your right hand side and go to the far end enjoying the views available from the vantage points

11:00 – Arrive at Bullring, planning your entrance time to avoid group, I would recommend paying for an audio guide to make the most of this experience (cost roughly 8.00€ individual with audio-guide)IMG_2731

12:15 – After plenty of time in the bullring you can wander back round to the Mirador De Ronda, you can also see a bust or Ernest Hemmingway here.

12:30 – Head into Plaza Del Soccorro and begin to walk the route on the map in the link in this article, taking in the many religious sights on the way, you may wish to stop at Cafeteria Churreria Alba for churros on the way, churros and chocolate were roughly 4.00€.

13:30 – Cross the Puente Viejo taking in the brilliant sights of the gorge before heading through the Felipe V Arch before heading into the Palacia Del Rey Moro. I think this is one of the hidden gems of Ronda while 5.00€ for entrance to some gardens may seem steep, this is not just any gardens it contains a secret mine. Walking down this mine will provide you with a spectacular view of the river flowing through the gorge.

14:15 – After finishing taking in this view, go to the top of the road and turn right to get your first view of the famous bridge from the Mirador de Aldehuela.

14:30 – A short visit in Casa den Bosco for a couple of euros is well worth it, taking in yet more views of the bridge while enjoying the impressive interior and gardens, aswell as a tiled picture that screams out Hi MTV, welcome to my crib.


15:00 – Walk into Plaza Duquesa de Parcent, which possibly has the most different things to look at as any place in the area, I visited the Mondragon palace while many people have recommended the Bandits museum, they are both similar entrance fees and from what I have read since, I think personally I would visit the bandits museum.

16:00 – Walk down to Puerta de Almocabar to take in the sitest of the walls, before making a move towards the Arabic baths (Please note the suggested path is off-road and not suitable for less abled / old aged)

16:15 – enter the ancient Arabic bath ruins – please note these are literally ruins so not everyone may enjoy this but they are impressive, the rooms are also very cool providing a great respite from the sun on hot days, the entrance cost is roughly 3.50€, although if visiting on a Tuesday, entrance is free after 15.00 hours.


17:00 – Walk up to the Puente Viejo again, this time turn left just after you have crossed the bridge, this will lead you on a route around Jardines De Cuenca, giving you great views throughout the gorge, before you get another view at the famouse bridge, this time from the other side to that offered at Den Bosco


17:15 – walk back towards the bus station leaving plenty of time to stop in tourist shops etc before getting to the bus journey for a 18:00 bus back.

18:00 – Depart Ronda


While you may or may not agree with the act of bullfighting I think visiting the bullring is a crucial part of a visit to Ronda, you can follow the route the bull would take into a ring walking it yourself, they don’t overly glorify the event either, the audio guide is purely factual

This trip is based as a day trip from Fuengirola and as such bus timings may be different elsewhere

While this itinerary will not give you ‘that’ view of the new bridge, I found that the time and cost taken to get this view would not be worth the other things you would have to miss out on seeing, you are provided with 3 different views on this Ronda itinerary and they are all good, with the first being the worst and the next two being very good from their respective sides of the bridge.

The mine is approximately 150 steps which are uneven and slightly wet, this is the same on the way back up so weak walkers should be warned.

You may get stuck behind walking tours at times, I would recommend taking a few more minutes to take the sights in allowing them to pass before carrying on.

This is a full on day trip so ensure you are ready for a lot  of walking.

I hope you enjoyed this proposed itinerary and if anyone uses it while in Ronda please let me know how you found it.



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