Finding My Feet – Blog 1

“Don’t worry about failure. Worry about the chances you miss when you don’t even try.” – Jack Canfield

It’s not everyday that you decide to do something new, but rewind the clock two months and my extreme boredom coupled with a misleadingly healthy looking bank balance led me to make a rather brash decision. I decided to buy a video camera, a canon Vixia RF-700 to be precisce which I had to order from America, this should have been the first red flag but undeterred I carried on. Much to my surprise around 1 week later it all turned up as specified, the only additional purchase required was a US to UK adaptor.

This meant I was staring down the barrel, for many years I had toyed with the idea of travel blogging / vlogging but I was now unable to escape the situation, I had thrown myself in at the deep end when I truly shouldn’t even have been paddling.

Too worried by what people think, I decided to not practice using my video camera walking around my home town, a move that I would come to very rapidly regret.

So the time came, early May and a family holiday to Fuengirola was booked. A time to see how the camera, and more importantly I performed.

After a simple and uneventful trip to the airport and a quick flight I was left with little recorded other than a video of a pointless wing mid-flight and a beer I had in the airport Wetherspoons prior to departure. It’s fair to say I wasn’t exactly flourishing in my new found role as a vlogger at this point.

Upon arrival I was able to let loose, in a country where no one knew me I could walk around like the true tourist I am videoing anything and everything without fear of repercussion. I was getting increasingly confident and successfully filmed various bits and bobs, including a boat trip, Fuengirola market and Marbella old town , I was well on the way to having enough material to create my own Vlog. This was perfect in setting me up for the pièce de résistance of my holiday, a day trip to Ronda.


Ronda is truly a magnificent city that is any aspiring bloggers dream, with hours worth of material to shoot over a vast array of subjects, whether that be the bull ring that they accredit with being the home of modern bullfighting, the secret mine that takes you down to the crystal clear water running between the gorge or any of the other marvellous spectacles that can be seen. It was as I was enchanted by these surrounding that I learnt my first lesson with regards to travel blogging

Rule #1 – Make sure you fully understand the camera you are using.

I didn’t.

Somehow through my own ineptitude and lack of understanding I managed to delete all videos I had taken that day. Roughly 4 hours worth of filming. It’s fair to say the realisation of this did not fill me with joy and the vlog I filmed directly after this had to be deleted or my Gran would never be able to look me in the eye again. I tried various recovery programmes but none of them worked, my first attempt at a vlog lay in ruins in front of me, much like the Arabian baths I was currently looking at.

While this was less than ideal, Ronda is a fabulous city and I plan to do a blog of the itinerary for a day with costings, which I hope will encourage people to plan their own trips rather than following one of the guided tours that seem to run through anything of interest without being able to fully embrace it.

Undeterred, I continued filming, but this was my last full day and as soon as we arrived at the airport I reverted back to my usual self, after all, I couldn’t carry on fully filming here, people may judge me.

This led me to today, realising that the footage wasn’t magically going to reappear and I would have to do my best to begin this adventure without the information that was so crucial.

While it’s not a lesson I would have ideally liked to learn, it’s all part of the process of me finding my feet.


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